Pass on the exact cost of shipping an order directly to your customer

Incorrectly charging delivery fee for your products?

Frustrated at how shopify only charges delivery fees by state? 

We understand,  at Shopify Delivery Cost estimator we provide a customer delivery fee app.  

Our team will work with you to determine your  delivery fee calculator requirement, so you can start charging customers correctly.

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Explainer Video

Case Study Video

Custom Made App

We create you custom delivery fee calculator, that fits your exact requirements, charge your customers the correct amount – always!

Seamless Experience

Our product integrates directly into the checkout flow experience,  Using shopify custom carrier service feature.

Scalable and Reliable

Our Solution is backed by Amazon Web Services infrastructure – ensuring a scalable, fast, and reliable service.

Built by Experts

Our team consists of people from establishes backgrounds to ensure your product is delivered on with quality, on time and budget. 

How it works

Step 1

Customer adds prodcut to cart, Customer clicks ‘checkout’. Adds Shipping information, Customer clicks ‘continue to Shipping’


Step 2

Shopify calls your custom delivery fee calculator

Step 3

Delivery fee is returned and shipping fee is displayed

Case Study

Smartkits, Australia’s Most Trusted D.I.Y Home Improvements store, uses Shopify. Products are delivered according to the delivery fee set by Shopify’s shipping rate.  However, the functionality provided by this feature is insufficient for Smartkits requirements. ​
“The benefit of carrier-calculated shipping rates is that you can pass on the exact cost of shipping an order directly to the customer”